What’s the difference between RAW and VIRGIN hair?

Raw Hair is completely unaltered, unprocessed and in its natural state. Raw hair patterns are not perfectly defined and may vary in light brown to dark brown/ black colors. Each hair bundles may be slightly different than the other. Our Raw hair is more coarse and has a very natural low luster

Virgin Hair is steam processed to give a more defined and altered look to curly hair textures. Though some companies use chemicals to alter the shine, color, and shape of hair, BabyHeir Collection ONLY uses steam for definition. Our virgin hair will come in natural hair color and natural medium luster. No color and chemicals are used during process.

How many bundles are needed for a full head? (Inches 10”-24”)

For minimal leave out: 3-4 Bundles
With closure: 3-4 bundles
With frontal: 3 bundles

(Inches 26”- 34”)
For minimal leave out: 4-5 or more Bundles
With closure: 4-5 or more bundles
With frontal: 4 or more bundles

*Suggested bundles are subject to change depending on ones preference of desired fullness. *

What’s the difference between a frontal and a closure?

Our frontals are typically 13×5 inches. They offer more diverse styling choices because they cover from “ear to ear”. Frontals require a higher maintenance than closures. Maintenance including professional styling, cleaning and even replacement due to normal shedding overtime.

Closures are typically 4×4 inches and cover partial of ones head. Styling options are not as diverse, but closures require less maintenance than frontals. Closures can be shifted from middle to a side part in the case of wearing a wig.

What is the turnaround time for a custom made unit?

New appointments will open every week for custom units. Turn around time is up to 3-4 weeks. You will be contacted if date is subject to change.

What is the turnaround time for hair orders?

Hair orders require a processing time up to 5 days and up to an additional 5 days for shipping via USPS. For international orders, an additional 5 days may be needed.

How are units secured?

All BabyHeir units will come with an elastic band and an attached flexible wig comb to secure the bottom of your unit.

What products should I use on my hair?

Less is Best. My current fave is Pantene’s Moisture Rich Collection. Their shampoo is very lightweight yet cleansing and their conditioner instantly rejuvenates your hair. Another fave is Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Sulfate- Free Shampoo followed by Pantene’s Moisture Rich Conditioner.

Using fewer products allows the hair to move freely and remain soft and lustrous.

Straightening Serums:
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
Biosilk Silk Therapy Original

Hairspray for slight ‘fly-a- ways’:
Chi Helmet Head

How are your custom units customized? How to measure my head?

Custom units are customized specifically for your head size and shape. You will be asked for measurements during the purchase process. If further measurements are needed you will be contacted. All lace frontal units have a pre- customized hairline unless requested otherwise.

What is the proper way to wear my hair under a wig?

The key to a flawless wig application is clean, flat braids. The smaller the braids, the better. Big, chunky braids are quick and easy, but your unit will not lie flawlessly and flat. It may also cause your closure lace to stretch, which can lead to shedding. Straight back braids are recommended for lace frontal applications and/ or closure units.

I have little to no hair and I can’t braid it. What can I do?

If you are bald, all you need is a wig cap if you want to prevent your wig from rubbing against your skin. If not, just the elastic band will do the job. Both are included in wig purchases.

If you have very short hair that’s not “braid- able”, your best choice is you use a gel to slick down and lay your hair as flat as possible. I’ve had pretty good experiences with Gorilla Snot when I had short, natural hair. It gets the job done and lasts for a good amount of time.

How long can my bundles and wig units last?

With proper care, your hair can last from a minimal of 6 months and longer. This includes maintenance, as needed, washing, conditioning and proper styling. All hair textures should be carefully detangled if needed. Hair should be first detangled with a wide tooth comb and to a smaller tooth comb or brush to avoid unnecessary snags that can cause the hair to shed. Longevity varies by person and how well the hair is taken care of.

The same goes for wigs. Closures and frontals require maintenance due to shedding overtime. They can be replaced.

This is my first time getting a wig, should I get a closure or frontal?

I prefer closure units to my first time wig-wearers. The manageability is much easier and it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a frontal. They are also more affordable for beginners.

How should I store my units when they are not being worn?

Most beauty supply stores carry Styrofoam mannequin heads for about $5. Wigs can be stored on these heads to preserve styles for future wear. Satin storage bags are included with every purchase to preserve your bundles and wigs for travel or storage.